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RoboCup Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot League Official GitHub Organization

Hello RoboCuppers!
This is a face page of the RoboCup Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot League GitHub Organization to use it easier.
Please find some nice information for you from this organization!

If you want to know this league, we recommend not only checking the codes of this league, but also checking the league mailing-list.
You can find the link for the mailing-list at the end of this page.
And you can find more detail from the RoboCup Rescue Simulation portal site.

The sample game environment for RoboCup 2021 team preparation.

Codes and Game Records of the former Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot League.

Codes Game Records Team Description Paper
RoboCup 2021 Codes Records TDP2021
RoboCup 2020 Postponed - -
RoboCup 2019 Codes Records TDP2019
RoboCup 2018 Codes Records TDP2018
RoboCup 2017 Codes Records TDP2017
RoboCup 2016 Codes - TDP2016

Useful links.

Edited: 21 Jan. 2021