RoboCup 2019

Virtual Robot Competition to be held at International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia — July 2-8, 2019


You can download Virtual Robot Competitions 2019 rules with following link:

Important Dates

Topic Deadline
The intention of participation January 30, 2019
Team Description Paper (TDP) submission Feb. 28, 2019
Qualified teams announcement March 30, 2019
Team setup dates July 2-3, 2019
Competition dates July 4-7, 2019
RoboCup Symposium July 8, 2019

Qualified Teams

Team Name TDP Link Source Code Result
MRL link   First Place
Eslam link   Second Place
ATR-Kent link   Third Place

Intention of participation

If you are interested to participate please take the time to pre-register your team for the RoboCup 2019 Virtual Robot Competition as soon as possible, so that we can inform you about the latest developments.

Qualification material

Besides sending the intention of participation, please prepare before March 15, 2019, a Team Description Paper (TDP) describing the most innovative contributions or scientific results your team is intended to provide.

The TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format:

The Team Description Paper is an overview of the methodologies you use or intend to use to control your robots inside the Virtual Robot Competition. If applicable, include a reference to your latest publications. The qualification material should be placed on a dedicated web page on the team’s home page. Please include the link to the qualification material on the intention of information.

More documentation could be found in rescuesim website Feel free to ask! Hope to see you in Robocup 2019 competitions in Sydney.

With kind regards,

Masaru Shimizu, Fatemeh Pahlevan Agahababa, Amirrezakabiri, Francesco Amigoni, Sanaz Taleghani, Josie Hughes and Arnoud Visser

Members of the 2019 RoboCup Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot Competition Technical and Organization Committees