RoboCup Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot Competitions 2022

Bangkok, Thailand, July 11-19, 2022


You can download the Virtual Robot Competitions 2022 rules using the following link:

Important Dates

Topic Deadline
Pre-Registration February 15, 2022 (23:55 GMT)
Team Description Paper (TDP) submission March 21, 2022 (23:55 GMT)
Qualified teams announcement March 28, 2022
Team registration deadline May 31, 2022
Camera-ready TDP submission June 8, 2022 (23:55 GMT)
Tournament dates July 11-19, 2022

Major changes to this year (2022)

This year, we had a server migration to ROS 2 bringing a great opportunity for roboticists to learn ROS 2 in a tested environment via challenges. This new server could be accessed on “The Construct sim” as this league will provide the remote participation option.

Intention of participation

If you are interested in participating please take the time to pre-register your team for the RoboCup 2022 Virtual Robot Competition as soon as possible, so that we can inform you about the latest developments. The current plan is to have the competition in-person and closely monitor the COVID-19 restrictions and if needed the committee will provide the teams remote access to a competition platform by using a cloud computing service. In order to organise the we need to know the number of participating teams. The ultimate deadline for pre-registration is set on February 15, 2022.

If you are interested to participate in the competition, please respond, before Feb 15, 2021, by filling out the following google form:

Qualification material

Besides sending the intention of participation, please prepare before Mar 21, 2022, a Team Description Paper describing the most innovative contributions or scientific results your team is intended to provide.

The TDP is limited to 8 pages and must be formatted according to the LNCS format:

And the tex template file of the TDP can be found on the overleaf:

The Team Description Paper is an overview of the methodologies you use or intend to use to control your robots inside the Virtual Robot Competition. If applicable, include a reference to your latest publications.

The qualification material should be placed on a dedicated web page on the team’s home page.

Please include the link to the qualification material on the intention of participation information.